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Spencer, Nebraska - Community Hall

Community Hall Improvements

At the 2008 Alumni Banquet plans were announced to get the Spencer Community Hall air conditioned. After the banquet one of the alumni stepped forward and offered a HVAC unit that had been used very little, if we wanted it! That really started the ball rolling! That fall the unit was installed and is enjoyed by everyone. The following winter there was enough money raised through fund raisers & donations to install completely new handicapped accessible restrooms. Then the Class of '47 donated new front doors. Since then 8 other classes have followed suit with donations for new completed kitchen & future projects including front entrance update, lowered stage, added storage area, west wall sheetrock, and exterior siding.


All the improvements have been made possible by the generosity of individuals, organizations, grants, alumni classes and over 1300 volunteer hours of labor. It's great to see a community work together for the renovation of the Hall that holds so many wonderful memories and will be used for years to come! A plaque of recognition will be placed in the Hall by the kitchen. For inquires, call Arlene Connot (class of '61) or Jan Ruda (class of '64)

We are in need of the names of all living or deceased veterans from this area wishing to have their name engraved on the monument. This could be self, spouse, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, friends, etc. Please help us get in contact with families of deceased veterans who have moved from this area.


Organizations or individuals may donate to this memorial even if they do not have a specific name to put on it. Use this special way of saying Thank You to the veterans who have served our country well. Along with the veterans name on the memorial, we would like to make a scrapbook to leave at the Legion Hall. We would like a picture of the veteran while in the service and/or a picture in later life. We would also like a one page write up which could include date of birth, parents, spouse, children. occupation, years of military service, branch of service, where stationed, duties, decorations, or interesting stories. If the veteran is deceased , please add the date of death and place of burial.

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