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Spencer, Nebraska - Annual Events

Best annual events in Nebraska

Living in the US means having access to so many different things and aspects of life faster and better than anywhere else in the world. Even if you live in the small city of Spencer in Nebraska you will have the chance to experience so much more than in any country in Europe. There are annual events, festivals, concerts, celebrations and all kinds of manifestations everywhere around the country. That way people get to experience so much all around the year, but what exactly can you experience in a less known country like Nebraska.


Experience the American life in Nebraska

The US is huge, so it is normal that birds and all kinds of animals cross it on their move from south to north and vice versa. The Crane Watch Festival is one of the manifestations made to celebrate such an event, when cranes travel from south up north to their breeding grounds. In this period more than 80 percent of the world's population of cranes crosses the city of Kearney in Nebraska. If you want to watch these beautiful birds during their pause in Kearney, then you should go to Nebraska and bring your binoculars with you.


In early June in Omaha you will be able to celebrate, along with many artists and art enthusiasts the Omaha Summer Arts Festival. This is the biggest art event in Nebraska with tens of thousands of visitors every year. Nebraska is set in the Middle West, so it is normal that rodeo is a thing there. Nebraska's Big Rodeo Festival is one of the biggest of that kind in the world and it takes place in Burwell, Nebraska. There is also the Nebraska Star Party which is the biggest party event in the country. There are events for everyone there, from your grandparents to your children, with many surprises. This is the best way to bond with your family and spend some together in an interesting environment.

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