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Spencer, Nebraska

What defines the American way of life?

Living in the 'Land of opportunities' is much more different than everyone thinks. Yes, the standard of living is higher than in many other countries in the world and you can build an empire from nothing there, but it is hard. It is, of course, the country where you can get everything you want very quickly, because they know how to make their lives easier. The same case is with escorts San Francisco, they are available everywhere and at any time. Cities like New York and Los Angeles are known for their different economies and people who live there have quite different lifestyles. But it is not everything about how much you earn and how you spend it, it is more about the way you choose you want to live. Every escort knows that, but even with an open mind and possibility to choose how you will live, there are certain things that define an American way of living.


How do Americans live?

The main thing about the US is that people there take money, how they spend it and how the invest it very seriously. It is something of a tradition that children are supported by their parents by the time they finish their education, but even then children are mostly left with a huge collage debt and start their grown up lives with a huge minus. Politics is somewhat different in the United States and every escort from the Escort Directory will tell you this. Paying taxes is something people do everywhere around the world, but in the US, that is done in a different way. Most product and service prices are listed without added tax value, so you always pay more than it is shown. Another thing is that not paying taxes will land you in jail, for years and it is the second most serious crime you can commit, after murder. You can see certain areas in your city that are more expensive and somehow reserved for the wealthy for sure. However, in cities in the US, that is taken to a whole new level, with whole cities that are up to 20 times more expensive than nearby ones.


Do you want to live like an American?

The fast economy, availability and overall opportunity to start your own business, is what makes US so desirable. Artists and escorts have a huge marketplace there, especially musicians and almost every aspect of economy is highly developed, so you can literally do whatever you want and make a living out of it. Even a city like the small city of Spencer in Nebraska is a much better place to start your business than where you live.

Every escort that you meet in the US will tell you that it is nowhere as fun as in the US, especially in big cities where you meet so many different people on a daily basis. The weird thing, however, that freaks out most people from other countries is that Americans don't support their parents once they become adults. There are exceptions to everything, of course, but even in traditional countries like Nebraska, once you start living on your own, you care for yourself and only yourself. But that is not a problem, because parents often save and the children inherit quite a fortune by the time the parents are no longer around.

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